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Get My Wife And Husband Back

it is because he believes he has much more to gain than to lose. Another way to put it is that he is afraid of losing what he could have without you. That may be another woman, but it might also be a sense of freedom, or even being loved–if he hasn’t felt loved and valued by you. You see, women leave relationships when they stop loving their husbands. Men leave relationships when they fear what they will lose if they don’t leave. This is why a woman who is leaving is likely to say, "I don’t love you anymore," and a man is more likely to say, "I don’t care anymore." It’s not that he no longer cares for his wife anymore; it’s that his marriage is not worth the sacrifice to him anymore. If a man wants to reconcile with his wife, he has to help her to feel in love with him again. If a woman wants to reconcile with her husband, she has to help him value her again. Trying to convince him of her love for him will have no impact. Instead she needs to focus on the three C’s of reconciling–connection, communication, and cooperation.

Don’t Get Desperate and Needy
Your first instinct might be to get all needy and teary eyed, pleading with your husband to come back and making multiple promises to change everything that he can’t stand about you. But, by the time men have decided to leave a relationship, they are already past the point of believing their wife is going to change. Your desperation will also have no impact on whatever he is looking forward to having without you. If anything, it will just make whatever that is even more appealing. I think all of the women who come to me for help have done this, so if you have also, don’t despair. We can still make things better–as long as you don’t continue behaving this way.

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