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Dua For Love Marriage In Powerful Quran

As we know that parents are those who birth the child and they are the father and mother of child and we know from Islam point of view that father is the key of paradise and the mother is the house of paradise i.e. Zannat e Firdausi, and we know that from the holy book of the Quran which is authorized by the Malikul Mulk I.e. the Allah who is the supreme to all, who is the Almighty or powerful than all things which are present or exist in the world or between the sky and the land or the eartha planet .
In Love marriage there are no many difficulty or harass coming in between the couples or partners i.e. girl friend and boy friend or husband and wife , there is creating of disputing or debating between them while talking between them , there is creating of undisciplined behaviror and misunderstanding between couples and parents due to marriage problems or troubles , and we know that in Islam or in Quran Love is not agreed by the Malikul Mulk so for this problems Allah is used or written in the Quran that Nikah and we without Nikah in Islam Marriage is not possible and not agree Nikah is the rule and regulations which is written or mentioned in the holy book of the Quran , and we know that there are two types of marriage in the life curriculum activities or phenomena or in life processes , so for this reason if the boy and girl love in love stage or lover stage then it is not good but Islam said that if the parents are agreed with agreement of the child or adult then Love marriage is possible or possibility . because Marriage is possible and there is bless of parents is essential in any types of marriage as like love marriage , arrange marriage and coat marriages ,

So for this agree of parents the dua are as follows
The dua is in the surah or surat of the Surah Rahman if the boy and girl read Surah Rahman after Namaz attend only 11 times at a time then their want or desire is completed or done.

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